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EA8JK must be really deaf

aufMai 29, 2015 in Allgemein, DQRM by MP3

This OP (EA8JK) is calling on top of others and at least he´s calling over the DX he tries to work. There must be something wrong – High Ping? I have no Idea but there must be someting wrong. Maybe there will be one Op who can explane to him (in his native language) that this is not the way to get into a log


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aufApr 28, 2015 in Allgemein

Tweet im really disappointed by the education of many people who are called “Ham-Radio Operator”.  There is a EMCOM Net running on 14205kc & 14215kc for over 2 days and this little Audio-File displays what happen most of the time. What is happen to the people – is there no education given in the last […]


K1N – Navassa Island

aufFeb 3, 2015 in Allgemein, DQRM by MP3

Tweet Hi Folks, i have not updated this page since almost 10 months because me was thinking the time will change the behaviour of some stupid Idiots but was we can hear on the Bands, there has nothing changed. I do have absolutly no IDEA what some of these Operators thinking about the behaviour but […]


From which continent I’m???

aufApr 6, 2014 in Allgemein

Tweet anyhow, some days the dataflow between ears – brain is damn slow   on the other side you have to know what continent you are living   THANK YOU


Have you worked KH7 on 6m?

aufApr 2, 2014 in Allgemein

Tweet An easy way to work Hawaii on 6m is…   THANK YOU


6m QSO between I0SNY (I0PYP) and 3DA0NJ

aufMrz 19, 2014 in Allgemein

Tweet a nice recording between the Operator with the Callsign IØSNY and a few minutes later again as IØPYP (same voice) with 3DAØNJ on 6m SSB. Lets hope IØPYP is happy with this “QSO”. In my humble opinion it`s only cheating. THANK YOU


6m QSO via Chat

aufMrz 4, 2014 in Allgemein

Tweet Good the know some Op´s working hard on 6m via Chat Maybe a new mode? SRI Gentles, your are only LID´s THANK YOU


Unknown Operator…

aufFeb 2, 2014 in Allgemein

Tweet nice Sunday morning but with old details     THANK YOU


N7DD spotted as FT5ZM on 14200 kc

aufJan 24, 2014 in Allgemein

Tweet     Thats the problem – LIDs can´t listen and others follow… haa haa haaaaa. Listen to all the LID Callers begging to get in contact with N7DD spotted as FT5ZM   THANK YOU


IK5MEJ had no EARS and less BRAIN

aufJan 4, 2014 in Allgemein

Tweet and he tried hard to get into the log for 1AØKM on 40m SSB… (at this time 1AØKM was calling for NA) and after a while he found the way into the log, but the best of all – his QSO with 1AØKM will not count. It will be deleted…     THANK YOU

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