LID “Spirit”

All in the Name of EDUCATION – Let us clean the Airwaves

LID Spirit is when you QRM a frequenz for 1 sec. and then turn the Dialknob on the Tranceiver and QRM somewhere else, repeating this deliberate action for hours.

soon, really soon, fellow LIDs follow you

Another definition for a LID you will find here. . .


or have a look here

The Dawg X-ray Club presents

If you also have an Audiofile which shows some of these failures – Send it to the LIDMASTER. eMail is shown in the Header. Please write down the Date / Time and Frequenz of Recording. Your address/name/call/ will NOT be displayed

Something for those, who want not be longer a LID. Please read this and you will be a better Operator.

A simple click here and all problems are solved

My opinion all LIDs are unter the desk – only from monday til friday they are on the band when their womens are on work….

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Thank YOU

Have you ever heard from your parents say:

” We spend several thousand dollars to get you the best education, you can speak several languages but all you do is whistle and say ola ola coca cola… you stupid dumbass”

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