The longest Call ever called CE9/UA4WHX on simplex while hes working split

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Sorry Gents,

but this behaviour is getting worst at all. Vlad was with a nice clear signal a few minutes earlier on 14195 kc. When i was back on frequenz the LIDs has arrived. Listen to the longest Call ever heard…. it was


What a shame but for sure – you can only react whit BRAIN!!!





A Sunday morning with nice signals from ZL

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A Sunday morning can`t be better, sittin in my arm-chair, hot coffee aside and listen to the radio. When i was dialing on 14227kc i heard a signal and first at all i don`t trust my ears. Ken did make my Sunday Morning with this. All i have to say is, “We are not alone”





CX6DZ outed his self

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Great, some Ops are that strange ;) CX6DZ has worked XZ1Z him self, has take the Video and posted it on Youtube. Thanks for this wonderful recording. Hope our readers have the same fun as i had when i saw that Video first time.


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exactly this example reflects the behavior again on shortwave. there is probably always an increase of STUPID LIDs. 1 starts and the horde is following. Sick world!





ES95X vs “Clipperton :)

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There was a Spot for TX5K in the Cluster and the Horde was standing by

Who can`t listen propper



and after a few seconds the hell was breaking out. Lay back and listen


Thank YOU

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Who gave them their licence for Amateur Radio

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listen to this LIDs. most of them calls when the Operator (XE3/K5ENS) still is in qso with someone. Others have all the shouting recorded and if you listen carefully you can hear the “answer” with less power….. Can`t believe that those Lids have a valid licence. Thats why we don`t get no more educated Operators anymore. S H A M E  O N  Y O U  L I D S !!!!


My WISH for 2013 – No more LIDs on HF!


ZL9HR coverd by european Idiots

Geschreiben von LIDMasteraufDez 2, 2012 in Allgemein, DQRM by MP3

It`s sunday morning and all Idiots are awaken to jam the bands.

Meetingpoint was 14200 kc for jamming ZL9HR.


This morning (07.12.2012) on 40m – ZL9HR was working NA only. One Idiot starts the next round and a horde was following…



Z60K on 14204.8 kc

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z60k_20m   lay back and listen




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On June 21th  2012 Nino IT9RYH died.

Even if he has bothered us for many years very often, we will remember him.



If you get an RTFM on the cluster…

Geschreiben von LIDMasteraufOkt 25, 2011 in Allgemein

… there is a very simple way to react. Most of the Friends who send you a simple STFU – RTFM across the DX-Cluster

you only have to follow this LINK and you will be served. It helps you out in 99.9% cases!!!



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