LIDfeast vs LIDfeast

Geschreiben von LIDSmasheraufJun 4, 2010 in Allgemein

Tweet Is this the LIDfeast to end all LIDfeasts? We have uploaded THREE files showing that EDUCATION is a MAJOR part of Ham Radio operating. You MUST recognise some of these ops? LIDs under LIDs after 3C9B LIDs hunting for 3C9B Take ONE LIDs hunting for 3C9B Take TWO THANK YOU

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LIDs – You will be aware

Geschreiben von LIDSmasheraufMrz 30, 2010 in Allgemein

Tweet Cezar, VY0V is qrv on 20m with a huge escort – be aware! THANK YOU

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A92IO trying to educate LIDs

Geschreiben von LIDMasteraufMrz 29, 2010 in Allgemein

Tweet Sorry – A92IO was not this loud all over – but you will understand all details – specially SPLIT QRG. So he was on 7143kc and listen UP 10 [7153kc] – Its a longer file – but priceless… A92IO_1 THANK YOU

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The unknown WPX Contest Operator …

Geschreiben von LIDMasteraufMrz 27, 2010 in Allgemein

Tweet … and we don’t know his Prefix UNKNOWN OPERATOR Today, March 27.2010 on 21302kc around 1500z “Next time you do a contest, make sure you know your callsign, or more importantly, others know your call – or you will get no takers…” THANK YOU

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3Z0RADIO disturbed by Anon LID

Geschreiben von LIDMasteraufMrz 21, 2010 in Allgemein

Tweet Today on 40m at around 1925z this was happen to 3Z0RADIO. Maybe someone knows this voice!? 3Z0RADIO THANK YOU

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TF3SG on 3799.3kc

Geschreiben von LIDMasteraufMrz 16, 2010 in Allgemein

Tweet Here is a nother nice audio file – TF3SG calls DX on 3799.3kc this eve at 2100z. TF3SG THANK YOU

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KL7LF on 20m

Geschreiben von LIDMasteraufMrz 15, 2010 in Allgemein

Tweet Without any doubt – he said listen 14180kc – 14185kc – Thats a clear Instruction – You know whats happened? kl7lf THANK YOU

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9Q0AR/6 on 7158kc

Geschreiben von LIDMasteraufMrz 11, 2010 in Allgemein, DQRM by MP3

Tweet This Eve at 2050utc on 7158kc. After 1 Spot in the Cluster…  Still nobody knows if this station is good for DXCC, but the hordes have the “work first, worry later” head on. Some make good QSO’s, others just call for the sake of calling! 9Q0AR and just received another file – you can […]

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TM7WAP wiped out by a QRO LID

Geschreiben von LIDMasteraufMrz 5, 2010 in Allgemein

Tweet Maybe there is someone out there who knows this voice…. TM7WAP THANK YOU


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